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Accent Marks and Non-Latin Characters

LeafSeek understands accented text. Now you can search for your great-uncles Józef and Władysław without having to install an International keyboard onto your computer. Learn More »

Built-In API

Optionally share your data with other websites or widgets through JSON or XML format. Learn More »

Geo-Spatial Searches

LeafSeek understands latitude and longitude. Now you can find everyone named “Smith”, but only from within 30 miles of Anytown. Learn More »

Ignore the Words You Don’t Need

You can keep the “dit” and “rechte” and “also called” in your surnames, but you don’t have to search on them. Learn More »

Index Records of All Shapes and Sizes

From birth records to school records to cemetery records to military records to immigration records, LeafSeek can handle it all. Learn More »

Instant Statistics About Your Databases

Your database has secrets. Get LeafSeek to tell you what they are. Learn More »

Language and Date Localization

LeafSeek speaks your users’ language. Easily create multilingual interfaces for your new search engine, so everyone around the world can check out your data. Learn More »

Map Your Data

Link pop-up Google Maps to your individual record locations, automatically, or get an overview of all locations in your database plotted on one map. Learn More »

Nicknames and Name Variants

Was your great-aunt listed in that record as Elizabeth, Eliza, Lizzie, Liz, Betty, Bettie, or Beth? With LeafSeek, one search can find them all. Learn More »

Soundalike Name Searches

Find surname variants and Beider-Morse Phonetic Matches for the names in your database with ease. Learn More »

Unified Searches by Field

Search every surname field, every given name field, and every town field in each record with one search, not multiple searches. Learn More »

Unlimited Wildcard Searches

Stick ’em in the front, the middle, or the end of your search term, with no minimum number of letters required! Learn More »

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Publishing the forest, not the trees

Genealogists and historians already have many ways to view their family trees, publish their family trees, share their family trees, print their family trees, etc. But what about publishing and sharing the actual underlying data -- the forest, rather than the trees? How do you do that?

LeafSeek lets groups and individuals publish their data online with a simple unified search schema, even if the underlying data sets have very different types of fields. Now genealogy societies, graduate students, and research groups can publish and search their data using the power of Apache Solr.

Opening records, finding connections

Having access to open and accessible historical records, including genealogical records, is and ought to be a right of all peoples. Unfortunately, many areas of the world, large and small, are cut off from information about their own history.

Sometimes this is due to overly restrictive governmental policies. But sometimes the barrier is one of technology, not ideology.

LeafSeek's developer believes that information ought to be free and open to all -- which is why she chose to develop LeafSeek as a free, open source project, using open source technologies that anyone can use, without needing to pay a fee or buy a subscription.