Features: Nicknames and Name Variants

LeafSeek can automatically recognize common nickname and name variants, and deliver results that help you find your Great-Grandpa Billy from amongst the Williams, or realize that your Great-Aunt Beckie was listed in a phonebook as Rivka.

LeafSeek uses Apache Solr’s synonyms.txt file to easily keep track of name variants.  You can add, edit, or change the file to better fit the particular types of names found in your database.  You can also map name abbreviations.

So, for a database for Colonial American people, you might want to specify that the abbreviation “Jos.” could map to either Josiah or Joseph, making it more likely that a search for one could turn up the others.  Databases with Jewish records can even add kinnui (religious/secular name pairs), so that a search for someone named Hirsch also turns up men named Zvi, or Judah for Yehudah or Leib or even Aslan.

The possibilities are endless, and it’s as easy as editing a plain text file.