Features: Soundalike Name Searches

LeafSeek allows you to optionally search for people based on soundalike versions of their surnames, allowing you to find people with surname spelling variants, or records that may have been mistranscribed.ย  LeafSeek uses Beider-Morse Phonetic Matching (BMPM), a new algorithm created by Steve Morse and Alexander Beider, to help reduce overly broad name matching.ย  BMPM also works better with Central and Eastern European surnames than standard Soundex methods.

Whether your ancestors (or the people transcribing their records) spelled their names as SCHREIER, SCHREYER, SHRIER, or SZREJER, LeafSeek can help you find them in that big pile of data.

For more information about BMPM, check out Morse and Beider’s paper from the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly (March 2010).

(You can also enable searches by good old-fashioned Soundex codes too, if you really want to.)