Features: Unlimited Wildcard Searches

Wildcards might just be every genealogist’s favorite search tool.  Whether you’re stuck looking for mis-typed or hard-to-read records, or just want make sure you’ve looked at every potential name variant, allowing wildcard characters in your search query is the way to go.

LeafSeek lets you perform unlimited numbers of wildcard queries in a search term.  Whether you add one at the beginning of a surname name like *BERG, the middle of a given name like J*n, the end of a name like MIL*, or even multiple points in a name like K*r*n* for a name like Karennina, wildcard searches will let you find your family quickly.  Combined with LeafSeek’s optional ability to do phonetic matching for soundalike names, this tool should help uncover even the most hidden of ancestors.

And unlike a few large genealogy search engines we could name, LeafSeek does not limit your searches to a certain number of known letters before allowing the wildcard character.

So even if the census taker recorded your SEGENREICH ancestors as SEIDENREICK (as happened to the LeafSeek developer’s family in the 1910 U.S. Census, *ahem*), LeafSeek can help you find them.