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I'm excited to be attending in just a few short days.   RootsTech is North America's largest genealogy conference, with an estimated 3, 000+ people attending over the three days.   It's held in Salt Lake City, also known fluoxetine 20mg pills 270 $357.00 from fda approved pharmacy as genealogy central.   Specifically, it is a conference devoted to exactly my favorite slice of the Venn diagram: the intersection between technology and genealogy. There are two speaking tracks at RootsTech, one for and one for , and I'm really excited to announce that I'll be speaking on the Developer track [fluoxetine 20mg pills 270 $357.00 from fda approved pharmacy] this year.   My session will be held on Saturday, February 4th from 1:45 to 2:45 PM, in Room 257. Its title? . As you have probably guessed from that title fluoxetine 20mg pills 270 $357.00 from fda approved pharmacy, the subject is, in a roundabout kind of way, the LeafSeek search engine.   I'll be talking about the challenges faced by the Gesher Galicia genealogy group in trying to combine multiple data sets of varying types and sizes (birth records, phonebooks, land records, etc. Fluoxetine 20mg pills 270 $357.00 from fda approved pharmacy ) into one comprehensive searchable database, and how that journey led me to learn about apache solr, solarium, and eventually create a solution called leafseek and release it as open source software. Beyond my speaking at the conference, I am also looking forward to all the great sessions planned, and for an opportunity to meet some of my fellow genealogy-technology geeks face to face. Also, I am told there will be foosball tables there.   That sounds like fun. See you all at the conference!

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