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Introducing the new , presented by IGRA, the non-profit . It's a genealogical and historical records database indocin 25mg pills $73.00, with searchable data and an interface that are both fully in Hebrew *and* English. There are more than 105, 000 records so far and many more coming soon, as the various archives and libraries of Israel (and other organizations that hold relevant records, like the National Archives in the UK) open their doors to IGRA researchers to digitize, transcribe, and upload their holdings. Searches can be made on first name [indocin 25mg pills $73.00] and/or surname both in Hebrew or in English, or even a combination of languages. Indocin 25mg pills $73.00 wildcard searching can be optionally enabled with an asterisk, as can beider-morse phonetic match searches to find soundalike surnames that may have been spelled or transcribed differently. The search results list can be sorted using the "facets" in the rightside navbar. They include everything from the record type (births, burials, census, etc. ) to record year to record era (Ottoman, British, or Israeli Administrations) to record sources, repositories, and databases. Mixing and matching these facets is fun. :-) [caption id="attachment_273" align="aligncenter" width="685"] click to enlarge this image[/caption] Scans of most the original records are available online for several databases, although for a few of the databases you'll need to actually be a dues-paying indocin 25mg pills $73.00 member of IGRA, as per their agreements with the various archives and record donors. The new AID is powered by LeafSeek, the open source archival records platform I built (based on Apache Solr), which I originally developed to manage data for Gesher Galicia, Inc. in their . LeafSeek is free to use, and all this new code I built for IGRA, including all the new features and code modifications to enable the fully multilingual search, will be rolled right back into LeafSeek and made freely available on GitHub in the near future. (I'm a big believer in the open source software movement, and happy to contribute code back to the community. I am also very concerned that the genealogy and archival records community needs to have more open source tools available and not rely on big companies or organizations quite so much, which leads to data lock-in, tool stagnation, and other troublesome issues. ) Thanks go to Garri Regev, Rose Feldman, Daniel Horowitz, Philip Trauring, and the rest of the IGRA contributors, for making this new database possible -- and for generally being awesome people to work with during the site's development. Funding for this project was partially provided by that was awarded to IGRA this past year, so thank you too to all the various Jewish genealogy member societies of IAJGS who indirectly helped make this possible. I know IGRA has a lot of great new data waiting offline that will soon go online on this new search engine system, so I wish them the best of luck in their future historical endeavors!

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